Saturday, April 09, 2005

Principles of Adult Learning

“Part of being an effective instructor involves understanding how adults learn best. Compared to children and teens, adults have special needs and requirements as learners. Despite the apparent truth, adult learning is a relatively new area of study.”

Here is a web page that will help you better understand adults learners but view it critically. As you read through adult theory you will find that many overstate aspects or a true only for certain adults. Still, each theory has something to contribute to the larger mosaic of adult learning.

Principles of Adult Learning.


At June 13, 2005, Blogger Yaniverse said...

Excellent resource. Keep on posting!
A request - do you have the opposite information? information for would-be adult learners as to what learnign/study styles would work best for them?

At December 21, 2007, Anonymous Mike said...


This is a great site.

I can't always afford to go to staff development events in my district. But I do believe in constantly growing and learning. And I hope to also be involved with the learnings of others around me - I want to improve the way we all teach - each other and the kids.

Anyway, I like . Amazon is cool too, but there's so much. EAL is more focused.

Again - I like your site!



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