Thursday, April 07, 2005

Options in online learning

Adults have great new opportunities to study online, at their own pace, and even get life experience. It’s never been so easy to get degrees and certifications while still maintaining a job or other responsibilities. Many institutions offer such degrees and many of the programs are truly good in spite of earlier critics. Yet, when an unknowing adult does a search, unless he/she is persevering, the impression would be that there are only a few institutions that offer such degrees. This is no so.

There are a few institutions (do a fast internet search and you will know who they are), flooding the cyberspace. The problem is that a fast trip through cyberspace, including message exchanges, reveals a good number of upset customers from these aggressive online institutions.

If you or someone you know is looking for online education have do a thorough search. Don’t settle for the first set of cyber flooding institutions. Look at local colleges with online programs, they might not only provide you online flexibility but also other supporting services available on evenings and weekends. If you are looking at distant institutions, make sure they have experience in fully supporting students remotely. Go online and on message boards and see what people say about those institutions. Don’t believe the first person you chat with but if you keep chatting and the information is not positive, more on.

I am not saying you should study with one of the online universities or institutions flooding cyberspace with their advertisement, I am saying you should remember there are other options which might be as good or better that the ones so often featured through paid ads.

As an educator encourage your adult learners to do a thorough search and to be objective focused when searching, continuously asking “What can this program do for me and at what cost?” It’s an online learning juggle out there…


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