Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Adult Learning a competitive necessity.

”Workforce education is a "diamond in the rough" and needs to be awakened to the public and legislators, says the newly appointed deputy director for Arkansas Department of Workforce Education.” from: New state deputy says workforce education: 'sleeping giant'

Two things are clear. First, America must find a way out of its current suicidal trade imbalance. Second, with an aging population competitiveness and innovation will come to a great measure from adults. We simply cannot move all jobs to India (and if we do we should start paying the company executive Indian wages).

Individuals, as well as employers, need to be concerned about their future. If they are not more productive than those in off shore locations, they will see their jobs off shored. It will not going be easy for adults given that young people are growing up with “crib side PC”. In addition, adults will have to be as good as or better than the kids off shore. What needs to be leveraged are the advantages provided by experience, cultural understanding and communication in tandem with contextually appropriate new skills.

To the adult educator all this means a need for more efficient and effective courseware. We need to put our creative thinking hat on and challenge ourselves and our employer to pilot new approaches. This is not an impossible task, it is a new reality. Greater productivity brought by education and innovation are the only weapon against off shoring. Yet this weapon is a hidden “diamond in the rough”, in George French’s words, as it might bring great new opportunities.


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