Monday, March 21, 2005

Should you consider e-learning for your enterprise?

News: "The march of high technology has brought with it a quick and convenient way of acquiring new skills on the job: e-learning. But it has yet to take off because it isn't cheap. Research has found that smaller firms are unlikely to have enough surplus profit to plough into e-learning platforms or courseware.
However, given the reduction in costs associated with a maturing market, suppliers and developers are beginning to approach small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) - and employers like Synergy Connections are seriously thinking about investing in it."

Education and training aren't cheap no matter what approach is used. In the past many thought e-learning would offer a path to cost savings. Unfortunately they jumped into e-learning too soon. Until now e-learning has not been cheaper. I have offered other advantages but cost savings has not been one of them. The reason was that we were not maximizing the advantages that the technology can offer. We were only looking at the technology in terms of delivery but for other aspects of the instruction.

Today we are starting to realize those efficiencies. We not only avoiding time off the job to travel to locations offering the instruction with the related travel costs but we are also producing instruction more efficiently.

The use of authoring templates and authoring systems has helped streamline acquisition. The use of sharply defined learning objectives has focused and made the subject matter expert more efficient and made instruction more effective. Reusability of production templates, content, and full learning objects increased course production efficiency. All these things add up to a very different e-learning landscape for even small businesses.

Other factors that might have an impact are new “Rapid e-learning” approaches (the latest buzz word in e-learning) will also have an impact.

If in the past you were discourages by e-learning costs you should look again either now or in the near future as things are changing significantly.


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